Sparkee’s Snack Pack is gearing up to be amazing. Continuing to build up anticipation, he links up with the great Lenno to deliver another big remix track for the latest single, “Feel Alive.” In the remix, Lenno injects the single with funk, lush synth chords, syncopated synth hooks, and crisp drums for the
ultimate groove.

“Feel Alive” is the first single from Sparkee‘s upcoming project. Since the first offering, Sparkee’s upcoming project has released two more singles in “Breathe” and “Take Me Away.” Snack Pack is scheduled for a late-2022 release.

Lenno, who appears on the track courtesy of OH2 Records, carries an all-star resume who admires his uniquely crafted blend of dance music, combining disco, house and funk with pop-tinged melodics and innovative production. Lenno has accumulated over 150 million streams to date across all platforms.

Feel free to check out the new collaboration below.