On Matroda’s Label Terminal Underground, popular Deadmau5-signee San Pacho gets the party started before the summer ends with the release of the new single “Party People”. The follow-up to his previous release, “Amor,” Pacho’s new hit is an electrifying and high energy latin influenced track about living life to the fullest on the dancefloor. Behind the heritage, “Party People” displays classic-house sensibilities that will have veteran and novice house fans on the beat, the fluid nature, and groovy design irresistible to the spirit of electronic music lovers. The song was inspired by Pacho’s live show.

Pacho on the making of “Party People”:

“Party People” is a track I made with the aim of making the most hype live track in my arsenal. The vocals before the drop shouting and calling for the crowd and the euphoric drop is just perfect for a festival track or a pleaser for the hype crowd.”

The Croatia native is a globe-trotting superstar. San Pacho is growing on all fronts as his vision continues to gain recognition. “Amor” and “Party People” prepare the dance landscape for his forthcoming album, as-yet-titled, currently in the works and arranged for an early 2023 release. Industry figures are watching San Pacho and he’s refusing to waste a second of the opportunity bestowed on him.

Listen to “Party People” below and follow San Pacho on social media.