Houston’s E Bleu career has experienced a hugely accomplished past that continues to get bigger and better as he enters the mainstream landscape. Today, he announced a new partnership with the independent powerhouse AWAL, and to celebrate, he delivered the new track, titled “No Biggie.” The track centers around him humble bragging about the lavish lifestyle he’s able to provide for potential love interests. On the song, E Bleu’s laid-back flow displays his nonchalant attitude when he raps: “Fly you to the islands it’s no biggie baby / Driver pick you up in Maybach S650 baby / When you ride up to the penthouse make it sticky baby / Too much motion, pay them hoes no mind that slick be hating / Off a couple shots, got you on a roll.”

“I’m just in a great space right now,” E Bleu shares on the song’s origin. “I think the music has always reflected where I’m at in real life and No Biggie is just that confident, feel-good vibe to me. It’s the start of a new chapter in my mind. I think that will be felt in the music as well.”

“No Biggie” follows E Bleu’s previous track “2AM.” He’s best known for his breakout single “3AM” remix featuring Derez De’Shon, and buzzworthy follow-up “4AM.”

E Bleu’s “No Biggie” during the making of his forthcoming project, which is anticipated for an early 2023 release. “No Biggie” is available now on all platforms. For daily updates and music news, feel free to follow E Bleu on social media.

Listen to “No Biggie” below.