DAYSHELL release new single and video “Letting Go”.

DAYSHELL is a one man band from Southern California lead by Shayley Dayshell Bourget who writes, performs, produces and mixes his own music. (photo by Ben Tecson )

After Bourget left Of Mice & Men in 2012 due to personal and health issues. Bourget took some well needed time to focus on his health. A few months after his departure from Of Mice & Men,Bourget started a side project with old childhood friends called DAYSHELL.

In 2012 DAYSHELL released their first demo via YouTube which instantly turned industry heads. Shortly after, they signed to Samarian Records. DAYSHELL debuted their self titled album in 2013 and their second album Nexus in 2016. A few years later in 2018 Bourget decided to go completely independent and release a fan funded album, Mr. Pain, which remains to be DAYSHELL’s most successful album to date. Bourget is set to release another fan funded album through GoFundMe this year.

“Letting Go” is a song written for the ones who find themselves in a toxic relationship. A relationship running on empty with no clarity in sight. Sometimes finding the strength to leave can be very difficult. But when you do find that strength, Leaving on civil terms can also be difficult. The resentment for each other can do more harm then the entire relationship itself. This song is a reminder to let it all go. To remind yourself it’s ok to forgive and move forward. To wish them well in their quest for love.”DAYSHELL



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