Bay Area recording artist Florocker makes his triumphant return with an all-star cast for the release of his anticipated honorary album, titled Locked In.

Locked In is an 11-track project that features buzzing acts across the hip hop and R&B landscape, including Keyshia Cole, Lil Flip, Compton Menace, Cappadonna, Young Buck, Yukmouth and Big Twins. Florocker has lied dormant for years after generating a buzz in the early 2000s with his infectious street sound. Now back, he picks up where he left off with a massive ensemble and breakthrough tracks: “Dreams,” “Before Time” and “Sociopath.” For West Coast enthusiasts, Locked In is an essential project.

Florocker is a dynamic artist-producer, who has been writing music for years. He self-produced the debut album, Rich In The Heart, in 2016. Since childhood, Flo has always been exploring new sounds with every track he has written and produced. After a hiatus, Florocker latest is a celebration of life that ranges from club songs to street records with a variety of genres.

The Locked In album comes from his mother passing away after a battle with stomach cancer. She’s been in his thoughts as he did so throughout the entire production of Locked In. For Florocker, his mother’s spirit is there to guide FloRocker’s musical skills, matched only by his work ethic. And for newfound fans, Florocker’s new album is the perfect origin point to hop on the Bay Area star’s bandwagon.

Stream the full album below, and for more on Florocker, follow him, here.