The speed with which we are going towards the future is enormous in the fullest sense of the word — our present is extending rapidly over several domains by the second, and our future is becoming increasingly multi-dimensional. The way we approach things has changed and evolved from previous methods. Even how we consume entertainment has evolved significantly. We used to have to rent DVDs and/or wait weeks for our favorite shows to air, but now all we need is an internet connection. Through a smartphone or PC linked to a stable and dependable internet service, we can virtually view any TV material from anywhere around the globe.

Most individuals don’t have time to turn on the television or open their laptops to view anything that might help them de-stress, especially with their hectic daily routines. Everyone, on the other hand, has a smartphone that can keep them engaged. When individuals are commuting and have a lot of free time, this serves a dual purpose: it relieves boredom and allows them to catch up on their favorite shows, movies, news, and sports.

On that topic, this post focuses on the finest mobile phone applications for watching television.

Spectrum TV App

Spectrum Deals keep you connected when you’re watching, downloading, or gaming. You may also download Spectrum TV App if you have a Spectrum cable TV subscription. This program is the greatest TV app for Android and iOS users, as you will discover. To get started, simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Start watching TV on the move by logging in with your login credentials.

You may access a range of media networks, including local and international stations, with this app. News and Weather, Kids, Pop Culture and Reality, Sports, Home and Leisure, Entertainment, Premium, and International are among the channels and programming categories. Furthermore, you can even manage it.


USTVNOW, one of the most popular streaming applications in the United States, enables you to watch media networks such as BBC, CNN US, BBC, and CNN International, among others, from any location and at any time. When the app was launched, it was primarily used to watch news and documentaries; however, its user base has since grown dramatically. You may also bookmark material from your favorite channels and watch it later in the app.

You may also report any problems you encounter while using the app. It offers a stylish and intuitive user interface. The software is compatible with Android and iOS versions 3 and up. It also works with Roku, Apple TV, and Google TV.




Fubo TV is one of the simplest streaming TV apps for those curious about sports. It is a paid service, consists of more than 90 live regional channels, and has the capacity to record the content to watch later. Its cloud DVR has a storage capacity of 500 hours. Aside from premium options, you may also choose to add other channels to your subscription.

It provides a free one-week trial. In 4K or super HD, you may enjoy your favorite movies and TV series. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, iOS, and Android devices are all supported.




Viewster is a legitimate video streaming program that allows you to view anime, documentaries, TV series, and movies. Viewster doesn’t even require you to sign up for an account or check-in. You can use its library without difficulty, but you will have to put up with advertising. International material is also accessible, including German, Spanish, and French.




Free Flix is perceived as an unprecedented TV app compared to other free video content applications. You can access free animations, TV shows, and movies also as live TV channels through this application. The in-built video player features a convenient UI and supports subtitles.

For a better customer experience, it also includes a TV guide and timetable. It’s also compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and smart TV.

Botton Line

Above, we have listed some of the best Apps to watch live TV on the go. Now that you know, which App should suit you best, you can download it and catch all the live-action without worrying about missing it while commuting.