After going viral in 2020 with her debut hit, Los Angeles recording artist Lummani keeps the momentum going with her new single and music video, titled “Black Widow.”

In the Fadi and Loyal-directed visual, Lummani stars as a fed-up girlfriend, who is tired of her man’s unfaithful ways and decides to enact payback. A woman scorned, she proves to her cheating boyfriend she is not one to play with in several devious ways. Between making her man’s life a living hell, Lummani dons several gorgeous designer outfits and hits the streets with her friends to let her man know what he took for granted.

While the song is vindictive, Lummani recalls all the self-improvements she brought to the relationship and reminds her ex that he will never find a woman better than her in the lyrics. With her catchy vocals over the Ric Melody production, she sings, “Riding around with the next bitch….. All the time I invested in you I even platinum Rolexed it,” she sings. “What you think it makes me look like a fool… You think I’m Gmoney bitch I’m Nino matter of fact I’m Griselda Blanco I move them kilos took you out them Jays put your ass in Valentino now you tried to play me it’s time to let the streets know.”

“Black Widow” follows Lummani’s breakout 2020 single “Born A Queen,” which has garnered over a million views and established the rising star with an undeniable grassroots fanbase. Overall, Lummani’s latest single showcases the artist’s growth as a recording artist and prepares the mainstream for her forthcoming project, Pretty Girl Secrets, currently in the works, scheduled for a late-2022 release. “Black Widow” is available everywhere via SilverSpoon Entertainment.

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Take a look at Lummani’s big payback in “Black Widow” below.