Toxic Twins is the newest single from up and coming alternative artist Gentrammel, featuring Paycheck. Gentrammel shot up from the underground scene almost overnight after his debut single was picked up by Promoting Sounds, gaining the attention of countless other artists & labels and amassing over 20 million global streams, as well as reaching viral playlists in countries all over the world. Looking to follow the success of his debut up, Gentrammel continued to develop his sound and met up with alternative artist Paycheck at a creative retreat to produce this new single. Themed around a personal situation that felt toxic, ’Toxic Twins’ is for anyone who is struggling to deal with the process of getting yourself away from a bad personal situation.



“Toxic Twins is my first release of 2022 after nearly a year since releasing music. This single served as an outlet for dealing with a toxic personal situation I was in and represents how I dealt with that from start to finish. It also represents what I think my sound is moving towards as an artist and was great to collaborate with such a close friend and emerging artist Paycheck.” – Gentrammel


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