Young Mountain is a seven-piece alternative rock/post rock band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Cultivated by Jason Mays (Slaves, Native Suns). Young Mountain blends together atmospherically textured post rock with lyrical themes ranging from loss, to heartache, to dealing with mental illness. With a full lineup consisting of Mays alongside Hance Alligood (Woe, Is Me, Favorite Weapon), Nicholas Alper (Nowhere Safe), Spencer Strobel (Native Suns), Michael Matejick (Of Machines, Native Suns), Matt Mulkey (DIM, Woe, Is Me,), and Justin Simard. 
The band orchestrated their first single, “James Albert” – named in memory of Mays’ late father. It was reviewed as emotive and sincere. Soon after, the band completed their debut EP titled, “If You Leave,” with bassist/engineer, Michael Matejick. With influences ranging from This Will Destroy You and Daughter, to Moving Mountains, Slowdive, and Deftones – Mays and Co. are determined to bring a fresh, new approach in an over-saturated industry.



“Doomgazer is about relationship anxiety – knowing you’re about to lose someone when you really needed them the most. You can’t stop overthinking and obsessing over the thought of being abandoned – which ultimately ends up pushing them away. “ – Matt M.

“As the last member to join the band, this was the track that first made me feel really connected to our music and what the rest of these guys were doing. It is so easy to get lost in this song when performing and it’s my favorite for that reason.” – Justin S. 

“This Will Destroy You is my biggest influence, especially on this song. So, to have Chris (from This Will Destroy You) direct a video for us, is something truly both humbling and pretty damn awesome! It’s not every day that you get to work with your biggest influence. It’s like being influenced by Dragon Ball to become a martial artist and somehow getting the chance to meet and train with Son Goku. lol.” – Jason M. 

“The song Doomgazer is very haunting; the music, the lyrics, the overall vibe of the song. It’s so easy to fall into a sort of trance while listening to and performing this song. I think the general theme for the song is something a lot of people can relate to; we’ve all had a moment in a relationship, whether it be romantic, platonic, where we’ve gotten caught up in the fear of being left high and dry when life gets rough” – Hance A.


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