The singer/songwriter Lauren Philips has shared her latest single from the upcoming album “Handsome Women,” which is out in July of this year. 

“The Irish,” which is co-written by Bonnie Barker and produced by Ryan Petersen, is a song that tells a story of a young woman and her loss of life.

This heartbreaking new song tells the story of Philips cousin Caitlin, who was the kindest, most beautiful, and smart. She was a nurse who loved caring for others and dancing on the weekends. She lost her life to cervical cancer at the young age of 33. 

“Tell me how that’s fair?” is the question Philips poses in her latest release. It’s a song about anger, grief, strength, and healing. 

“At a time of so much tragedy and loss, my hope is that this song will speak to others in grief.”