“We wrote this song back in 2020 when we saw how many people were struggling.  We noticed how, out of everyone going through difficult things, men seemed to be struggling with struggling the most. It’s a tale as old as time for men in particular to show an inability to be truly vulnerable and intimate with others. The fact that we feel the need to clarify that we’re not talking about sexual intimacy is exactly the point.”

Last summer, this song took on new meaning for Frenship when they found themselves living unintentionally living out each line in the song. “One of us suffering, the other choosing to be a part of that suffering. We each have a side to tell, they’re equally important to share.“

Brett says that the concept for the song was created last summer as his relationship of 7.5 years came to an end in an unnecessarily cruel and painful way.

“It sent me straight to the deepest darkest place I’ve ever been. As someone who historically likes to find a resolution to my problems in private, I held on to this and didn’t speak to anyone for 2 weeks. I’d never experienced panic attacks before. They were now happening around the clock. It was the first time I’d ever felt that suffocating weight on my chest that I’d heard many people describe before. As someone who aims to live a very healthy lifestyle, my sadness was compounded when I looked in the mirror and saw myself withering away. I wasn’t eating and was barely sleeping; averaging about 3 hrs of sleep per night,” he comments. 

This song coincidentally comes out seven months to the day when Brett’s world came undone.

“I am still going through it. It’s still something I’m carrying with me.  I am no longer defined or paralyzed by it, but I still hurt. I still am unresolved. I still cry. I still feel alone…but I know I’m not.”

The goal for them with this song is to help people prioritize their mental health, and show how important it is to let people in when struggling. 

“I hope our story can help someone else find a similar untapped version of themselves that bleeds empathy, compassion, and vulnerability. That’s the good shit and Lord knows the world could use a lot more of it. Sending all of you no matter where you’re at physically or emotionally all my love.”