Rising Hip Hop star Kid Ziggy is on the rise right now with his catchy sound and magnetic energy. For the lovers out there set to celebrate Valentine’s Day, he sets the mood with the release of his new single, titled “Lipstick Stains.” The new based on true story track stems from real-life experiences as a married man. The track is an outstanding collaboration between Ziggy, producer Papa Luke and viral producer and TikTok creator iceered.

The song delivers a strong bassline with a danceable vibe from beginning to end, while Ziggy proves that every relationship has its baggage, but it’s how you handle that baggage that can make or break a bond. In the song, Ziggy approaches difficult situations with a healthy perspective, he realizes that a life without his partner is not a life he’d like to lead. It’s the perfect origin point for any newfound fan of the rising star.

Brief backstory on Kid Ziggy, he is a talented songwriter and audio engineer. When he’s not solo, you may find him performing part of six-man Hip Hop group, ZiPPiR Collective.

Lastly, “Lipstick Stains’ ‘ provides a relatable message for anyone who has had to sit back and reevaluate their long-term relationship. The new single, out now on all streaming platforms, will appear on Kid Ziggy’s debut album, Brainstorming, arriving in 2022 via own imprint.

Stream “Lipstick Stains” below.