Birthed in 1973, Hip Hop has become the most influential culture in the world. Today, Hip Hop educator and recording artist Marc 2Ray pay respect to the culture with a trip to the record store with a love interest in the new visual for the track, “True Craft.” Linking with MC Bravado and songbird Allison Balanc for the assist, the trio take us down memory lane with memorabilia in vintage vinyl. “True Craft” is available on all streaming platforms via own imprint.

Directed by Shaquille Pariag and Ashley Littlese, “True Craft” is a romantic story inside of a record store day deep dive. A traditional style and flow, Marc 2Ray raps about the influence the culture has had on his methodical wordplay with “Intertwined with the Prime Grind gene who better?/ Rhyme Schemes that’ll make Einstein Scream “Too clever!”/ Yeah, it’s Wordplay til’ the Day I’m Grey and die/ So put that Bouquet to Display the Grave I lie.”

Balanc plays co-star in the visual and delivers a feel-good hook while MC Bravado aligns with Marc with a clever verse, rapping, “Funny, you corny but I got your Freak on a Leash/ The Beast of the East, and I didn’t mean to take your Wife/ But when we touch, sparks fly like a Power Ranger Fight.”

The song and visual pays homage to the basics that made the genre what it is today. “True Craft” is produced by CPSL0CK, the trio strips down the standard semantics found in mainstream rap music and returns the basics. “To be considered a Hip Hop artist, you must be true to the craft,” says Marc 2Ray.

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Take a look at the hip hop tributing new visual to “True Craft” below.