There are lots of movies being produced and released, but only some of them can earn the title iconic. They can be old and new and they’ll have certain qualities that make them stand out from the rest. It is these movies that set the standard for others. If you’re a movie fan, then these are some movies that you’ll need to watch at least once.

The Godfather II
The first one is also great, but the second one is a great example of how to make a great sequel. In it, we see Michael Corleone in his role as the head of the Corleone family. All things begin with a wedding and soon take a drop when someone tries to assassinate Michael. You’re also given glimpses into the life of Vito Corleone and his rise to the top. As Michel is thriving in Vegas he’s looking to find who betrayed him only to discover a bitter truth.

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The Departed
There are some crime films that will have you wondering what happened in the end. This is one of them. The Departed follows the stories of 2 characters Billy and Collin. Both end up working for the State Police but in different ways. Billy is the mole that the police plants in Frank Costello’s crew and Collin is the mole that Frank plants in the police. This movie features A-list actors and offers a damn fine story. Billy is played by Leo DiCaprio and Collin is played by Matt Damon. The role of Frank Costello is played by Jack Nicholson. You’ll also see other famous actors like Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin.

This is another movie that will have you scratching your head once it’s over. It follows the story of Leonard Shelby a person suffering from anterograde amnesia. He has lots of notes and even tattoos to help him remember what he’s done in the past few days. He’s met a few people and some of them are looking to help him while others are looking to use him. As he’s trying to figure out what happens each day he’s also struggling with the obsession of finding the man who killed his wife. Guy Pierce plays Leonard in Memento and it’s also worth noting that this is a Christopher Nolan film, so you’ll know that you’re dealing with a mystery.

Dead Poets Society
What is the goal of education? Money? Having a successful career? Well, not really according to Professor Keating. He’s trying to teach young students to take on a different look at life. Robin Williams takes the role of Keating and you’ll see a lot of young and famous actors in it. It’s an inspiring move that deserves the title of being iconic.