Owl City’s “Fireflies” is an iconic cultural staple that bridges the gap between electronic and mainstream music. Today, the hit receives an impressive remix from the red-hot DJ/producer/recording artist AYOO. For the remix, the Chicago-bred rising star twist styles and enhance the energy formatted by the original.

AYOO’s “Fireflies” remix is fast-paced, yet uplifting and melodic. The mesh of styles may be a challenge to some, but AYOO makes it work with posh and smooth elegance. For production, the song displays ruminate of vintage funk and bass style that keeps the original Chicago house sound alive.

As things return to normal following a year-long pandemic, AYOO has been working tirelessly in the studio to refuel their movement and plan out the next steps to take the experience to a fresh plateau, “Owl City – Fireflies (AYOO Remix),” is just the first step in this evolved direction.

Fans can’t get enough of Ayoo’s runaway hit remix. They flooded the song’s comments with praise, saying things like: “So dope,” “Awesome” and “This is gonna get me the girls.” After “Fireflies,” explore Ayoo’s complete catalog, available now on Soundcloud.

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