Long Island, NY based pop-punk/post-hardcore band RODERIK, release their second single snd lyric video for “You’ll NeverKnow”.

“In many ways, “You’ll Never Know” is a sequential follow up to our first single, “Save Me. Save Me” which was about my internal monologue during one of the most difficult times in my life. Whereas “You’ll Never Know” is about realizing I had to save myself, and reconciling with that. Only I could make the changes that were needed for me to be happy, but with change comes loss. “You’ll Never Know” is more focused on coming to the reality of my situation, and the grief that came with escaping it. Things that are good for us, in the long run, don’t always feel that great in the now, and this song is me trying to come to terms with that”, explains singer/songwriter Jake Anthony Salazar. (Photo by Matt Flood)



RODERIK, a band whose name is derived from Edgar Allan Poe’s, The Fall of the House of Usher, was fittingly formed during the early stages of a global pandemic. Comprised of remnants and fragments of bands that once reverberated through the vibrant Long Island music scene, including Alternative Press recognized band Approaching Troy, singer/songwriter Jake Anthony Salazar & guitarist Jay T. Sutherland set out with bassist David P. K., and drummer Danny Nugent, to rebuild and reformulate.

After years of writing and playing shows together, these four members have finally come together to not only make music, but build visual experiences that would mirror that of its dark origins. As RODERIK, the band aims to combine musical elements with visual representation, showcasing the dark and honest truth of Salazar’s dark lyrics, which stem from his life experiences and ongoing battle with depression.

RODERIK’S musical influences stem from Post Hardcore, but you’ll often find Pop/Hip-hop and R&B influences bleeding into many of their songs. On the visual side, the band is heavily inspired by dark elements incorporated into modern day cinematography and literature, hence the Poe reference mentioned earlier.