A swirl of Alt-Pop and Post-Punk with a devilish alchemy that summons Blues and Beats, The Haunt wouldn’t be out of place at Vivienne Westwood’s late seventies London boutique; a new wave countdown on MTV’s “120 Minutes” or a dystopian dance club in space.
Anastasia Grace and Maxamillion Haunt, the duo at its core, craft shockingly resonant anthems infused with wistful elegance and raw nerve. Possessed with a voice and sensibility beyond her years, Anastasia is an old soul channeling a timeless essence, with powerfully mature lyricism to back it up. Her daydreaming quirkiness and vintage-meets-Victorian ambience strike familiar chords with those who yearn to live in the pages of Edward Gorey or the films of Tim Burton.
Evoking lush, theatrical, all-enveloping music that embraces the overlooked, the exiled, and the castaway, The Haunt is an invitation to the outsider, a blissful surrender to enchantment, melancholy, and disaffected beauty. It’s the soundtrack to the dark romanticism of otherworldly sentimentality.
“In order to engage in Social Intercourse, one must consider the other individual to be significant. This situation can be expressed through shared music, laughter, or deep and meaningful conversation. We decided to call the album “Social Intercourse” because of the internal struggles that we all face, trying to exist in the world how it is right now. Also, releasing an EP during a pandemic is fucking weird!”
– The Haunt
1. Brag About
2. Wish You Stayed
3. Constant
4. Love You Better
6. Twisted Dreams