The Anix released an incredible single called DSPTCH via FiXT on March 26 of this year and it conjures INNERPARTYSYSTEM vibes in a 2021 sort of way. Much respect. I had the chance to chat with Brandon Smith of The Anix about his top ten sneakers and I am still impressed that we are writing an article about it.


My eyes:


10: Nike x Acronym Downtown


BS: Hi, Scott!


SW: Pleasantries! Love it. Hello, Brandon.


BS: Let’s discuss shoes, shall we? My favorite collaborations are when the designers do more than a color swap, but completely overhaul the original shoe and concept. 


SW: You know your feet.


BS: (laughs) This is a shining example, turning the sneaker into a water resistant special ops night force tactical device.


SW: Remind me never to mess with you, hippie?


9: Nike Space Hippie Collection


BS: Yes. Generally not into anything hippie related except for when it comes to this particular shoe.


SW: Foot me once, shame on you?


BS: HAHA! The Nike Space Hippie Collection is an insanely cool concept and it was executed perfectly, using all recycled components to turn something old into something super futuristic. 


SW: I always believed in futures.


BS: Let’s focus on the past. My favorites are Space Hippie 01 and 03. Extreme NASA cosplay action for my daily coffee run.


SW: I think that we need some space, Brandon.


8: Converse Chuck Taylor 70


BS: We’re just getting started!


SW: Now THIS is a shoe that I stan(d).


BS: It’s another classic that will never go out of style. Collabs that I like are the Undercover and Fear of God versions. It has to be the 70 model though.


SW: Naturally! (pauses) I have no clue what that means.


BS: The 70 model is the classic silhouette, so there are other instances that aren’t as cool.


SW: When people try to be modern for the sake of being modern, they modernize their modernitude.


7: Vans Sk8-Hi


BS: Naturally! (pauses) I have no clue what that means.


SW: I see what you did there. Hi.


BS: Hi. These shoes were cool when I was a kid, and cooler now. Especially the more fucked up they are.


SW: My shoes always drive under the legal limit.


BS: No comment.


SW: No response to your lack of comment.


6: Nike x Ambush Dunk High


BS: ANYWAYS… The Ambush Dunk High is from a similar world as the Undercover Daybreak with retro robotic superhero vibes. I modded mine with a cream colored stained midsole and laces, and painted the center panel on each side black. Also, it’s the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.


SW: You sound like you don’t like this shoe at all, Brandon.


BS: Not at all.

SW: I hear the word “dunk” a lot in shoe circles.


BS: Dunk is basically the go-to default sneakerhead shoe.


SW: That makes sense given that the most famous sneakers are Air Jordans, and Michael Jordan is the most famous sneakerhead, and the Chicago Bulls did well in the 90s, and I LOVE Chicago Deep Dish pizza.


5: Nike x Sakai Vapor Waffle


BS: After I ate my first Chicago Deep Dish pizza my face was swollen for a few hours.


SW: DUDE. Sorry and awesome?


BS: Yes and yes. The Sakai Vapor Waffle is a massive shoe, but with incredible detail.


SW: Waffles have lots of layers and details.


BS: The shoe has mesh vents for hot days, and feels like a prototype that somehow made it into production.




4: Nike x Off-White Blazer


BS: Anything that makes me feel one step closer to feeling like I’m in The Matrix… COUNT ME IN!


SW: You’re in, count.


BS: (smiles) I have a thing for vintage high tops that look somewhat like old-school boxing boots (the grim reaper colorway), in all black with white laces and a white swoosh.


SW: I second that. Yeah. Second it.


BS: Cool. At least we’re on the same page… FINALLY!




3: Nike x Acronym Vapormax


BS: Dwayne!


SW: You know him?


BS: Personally? Yes.


SW: (almost dies of jealousy and dysentery)

BS: The Acronym Vapormax is futuristic, militaristic, and playful (yet not too serious). The dazzle battleship camo on the white version really speaks to me.


SW: My son is named Max. The Vapormax in my life makes cute noises and I love him. (pauses) This shoe rules too, yo.


2: Nike x Undercover Daybreak


BS: Word, sounds like your son should be rocking Vapormax shoes full time. Hit me up if you want me to block out the word “vapor” on its tongue.


SW: I’ll hit you up the second we are done with this sterling piece!


BS: Good. I’m waiting. 


SW: You shan’t be long. I will be there by daybreak. 


BS: Perfect segue. The Undercover Daybreak shoes themselves are vintage silhouettes that meet manga robotic shark jaws. Yes, please!


SW: And thank you! We’re racer-ing towards the end.


1: Nike Flyknit Racer


BS: Speaking of the devil, we are saving the best for last: The Nike Flyknit Racer. It was a crazy innovation when it was first released (originally for the U.S. Olympic Team in 2012), and it’s still my favorite profile of any sneaker. Such sleek, retro future vibes. Anytime I wear them, I think to myself that this is the only shoe I need.


SW: I love your passion for this. I just wanna fly(knit).