Younger Hunger never make the same song twice. Tony Davia, Lucas Connor, and Becket Edwards comprise the LA-based alt-pop band. Through Younger Hunger, they have not only have created a musical vocabulary all of their own — one that equally valorizes Talking Heads and Playboi Carti, finding freedom in the genre agnosticism of the streaming era — but have built a band universe that is attracting a very online cult fanbase.

We had the opportunity to speak with Tony Davia about the latest single!

Your press release mentions that you all have a shared interest in margaritas! Are one of you tasked as the bartender for making the margaritas? Please share your recipe!

To be honest,  I mostly f*ck with spicy margs. The spicier the better!  As far as tequila goes, I’m partial to anything smokey.

My understanding is that Younger Hunger is sort of a DIY band in the true sense. The band handles everything from the music, the visual art and the merchandise. Are these particular duties delegated to certain members? 

Yeah. Becket does all our visuals, from the single and album artwork to our merch designs. Whenever we do interviews he always says we contribute, but he’s just a really nice dude. He does it all and is pretty much the secret sauce of our band. Other than that, I (Tony) do most of the songwriting and production and run our social media.

The level of productivity had increased amongst the band during the pandemic according to a previous interview you all had. Now with the ease of restrictions in sight and vaccine distribution to the masses, what will the plan be for Younger Hunger moving forward? Touring perhaps?

We’re tryna get on the road ASAP, but for the time being we’re just always looking for ways to make doper shit. Always trying to beat whatever we’ve done before. And beating usually just means making it less filtered and more honest.

What have you all learned about yourselves during this pandemic and what advice would you give other artists that are struggling with the lockdowns we’ve had?

Shiiiiitt! I don’t really think we should be giving advice on staying sane during quarantine or any other time at all for that matter lol. Still figuring that out for myself.

Give us some insight on the new single “Day Traitor”. What inspired the song and how did it come together? 

Day Traitor is about layering judgement on your own judgements. “Losing my mind tryna stay sane” is something I do a lot. It’s probably the most directly about my life/psyche than I’ve ever written about, which makes it scary and exciting to put out. I think after making the first demo for this song and getting encouragement from the rest of the band, our managers, and our friends, I felt freer as a songwriter to be more open. Pretty much our whole new EP embraces this openness. I feel like our real fans will find the new record to be a more rewarding listen because of that. But who knows? Maybe everyone will hate it and from now on we will only ever make songs about superficial things like going to the grocery store n shit.


“‘Day Traitor’ was the first song written from this EP. Beckett made the cover art for it before the song was written, and I remember just staring at it for a while and then pulling out that main guitar riff from the song. After I made the demo I went on a walk and listened to it like 50 times on repeat, Then we took it to Zach (Fogarty) and he just took it to a different level sonically. All in all, my favorite YH song.” – Tony Davia

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