In life, the goal of many is to live through their passions. Some strive their entire lives trying to find what brings them happiness, let alone find ways to incorporate it as much as possible into their daily routine. Some are even lucky to find interests in the most niche corners of the world and find ways to capitalize and self-sustain on them. However, a select few can do so before they hit the age of 10.

So goes the story of Lily Havesh – one of YouTube’s most recognized and profoundly creative domino toppers. At just nine years old, she started a YouTube channel with the help of a pair of supportive parents that document the process of completing increasingly complex and visually satisfying domino setups, and with one flick of a finger, watching the entire design topple gloriously. Though most of Havesh5’s videos are less than a few minutes long, what viewers don’t often see is the pain-staking preparation – the commitment to risky ideas, the timing and precision of each setup, and how one false move can potentially ruin hours’ worth of work.

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However, Havesh attributes her persistence with her channel as a labor of love and an acquired skill of over a decade of building a following. Fast forward to the present day, and Havesh is mid-way through college as she continues to develop her channel and make her next big moves. Though even at just 20 years old, the moves she’s already made are no small feat. From speaking engagements at elementary schools to collaborating with celebrities, when Havesh reaches one of the first crossroads in Lily Topples the World of whether to leave college and her friends behind, you can immediately see why.

What makes Lily Topples the World such a fascinating documentary often falls back to the real-world dilemmas that Havesh faces as she continues to rise in the YouTube stratosphere. The stresses of constant progression and trying to advance to that next rung add a lot of relatability to Havesh’s struggles, especially as Havesh outlines her insecurities, from dealing with Internet trolls to being one of the very few women in her field.

However, that’s not to say that Lily Topples the World doesn’t have its lighter moments either – on the contrary, the film is excellent for parents, kids, and anyone who enjoys watching dominoes fall over in synchronization. Watching Havesh not only be able to live out her dream in real-time but also see how the cogs work as a process of setting up dominoes, filming, marketing, cross-promotion, and product development is terrific to see – especially for children – and an excellent entry-level documentary. Though not necessarily a complex or challenging watch, Lily Topples the World will still undoubtedly entertain audiences of all ages and provide a reminder of how hearts and souls can go fulfilled with enough of a passion for what you love.