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Proceed with caution as there are SPOILERS ahead for the latest episode. 

When living in Westview, the golden rule is not to go past Ellis Avenue. With the sixth episode (or third in ‘Act Two’), Wanda is losing more of her grip over ‘the hex’. It’s to where people outside her immediate vicinity of focus are weirdly and eerily inactive. They either gitch or remain stationary as they are waiting for further instructions. Like last week’s episode, the decade premise tries to continue like everything is well. However, the difference here is that things immediately come off the rails and a constant theme is one of distraction.

Westview meets the 90s Malcolm In The Middle style, and it’s Halloween time. Billy (Baylen Bielitz) and Tommy (Gavin Borders) get to have some dialogue this time around. It was a delight to see them have their own personalities outside of rapidly aging. There are callbacks to the comics, with everyone’s costumes being accurate to their animated counterparts. Even down to the transition music and quick flashback breaks are done to a tee. Even with the jovial feel at the start, there’s a darkness that is creeping at every corner. Almost feeling inevitable and claustrophobic.

This is the first episode that Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are apart. They have a frosty interaction that they have before a night out of trick-r-treating for the boys. Conveniently enough, Wanda becomes surrounded by a lot of characters to be a proper distraction for Vision to go out exploring. With the re-introduction of Pietro (Evan Peters), what does death actually mean in the hex? This week’s mid-episode commercial for YoMagic! Yogurt is especially dark, given the context we gained in episode five. Wanda couldn’t bring back Sparky from dying, and now her dead brother and husband are walking around.

When Vision tries to make his way out of the hex, he breaks apart and even dies again. Knowing that it’s his physical body, it’s very possible that he cannot exist without the help of Wanda’s magic. As WandaVision blurs the lines between what’s real and not, the twins’ powers are manifesting. Billy and Tommy are growing into their Speed and Wiccan personas, but can those exist outside the hex? Perhaps the person or entity that’s manipulating Wanda is looking to harness them for a purpose.

One of the most pointed to scenes in the initial trailer was the ‘you’re dead’ conversation that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) and Vision has. What’s interesting is that Vision doesn’t even know who The Avengers are when it’s brought up to him. Where last week, Norm (Asif Ali) tells Vision to stop ‘her,’ Agnes specifically references Wanda not letting anyone leave. It’s been speculation that Agnes is actually the Agatha Harkness character in the comics. So, for her to be in a witch costume and even give the maniacal laugh either might be another red herring or a look forward.

The interactions between Wanda and Pietro are funny on the surface and even meta. They ask each other about losing their accents and Wanda even alludes to how he looks different (he acknowledges). As Pietro is quick in his powers, he’s even quicker with the tongue often tripping Wanda up or giving her pause. When Wanda brings up specific memories from their childhood, Pietro cuts them off. He’s also oddly in touch with everything that’s happened. Knowing that Westview didn’t have children prior to his arrival, and that Vision died before. Even speaking of his own storyline, as it happens. Pietro gives Wanda just enough comfort for her to let her guard down. However, when she does, that’s when she sees things for what they truly are.

Meanwhile, with Hayward’s (Josh Stamberg) insistence on getting rid of Darcy (Kat Dennings), Jimmy (Randall Park), and Monica (Teyonah Parris), we find out that there is more to his operation that meets the eye. He’s tracking Vision under the code name ‘Cataract’ besides being aware of everyone’s vital signs. Hayward seems to be hell-bent on taking Wanda out by any means and the root of that seems to be ‘the blip’ event. Or is it? There has to be something to Vision suddenly being alive and SWORD wanting to harness that. Similar to Baron Strucker’s experiments on the twins, Hayward could be just looking for a way to cultivate Wanda’s power.

Through all the craziness, Monica’s cells are changing every time she goes through the hex. As a sad metaphor for what happened to her mom and cancer, this will presumably go the other way and lead her to become Photon. Now that Darcy is in the hex, will she be able to meet up with Vision to help free people in Westview? Given that her memory will be wiped because she’s been engulfed by Wanda’s force field, Vision will have to tap into her psyche. That’s if Vision even remembers who she is. The radius of Westview now grown considerably and may not stop.

Is there’s any way to stop Wanda at this point? With every trigger that threatens her piece of serendipity, whether it be Hayward’s ill-fated attempts or conspirators working inside the hex against; when she will go on offense. That would be bad for everyone.

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