The arisen singer-songwriter Zaku has been trailblazing a path to widespread notoriety throughout 2020 with a series of buzzworthy projects like All I Need and Young Yesterday. As the year progressed, he evolved from an uprising sound to a new sensation with a unique vocal and catchy genre-bending music. “Underwater” — Zaku’s standalone single — created anticipation for his newest collection, entitled, Speak Your Language.

For his third release of the year, Zaku builds momentum behind the seven-song collection with the love-driven visuals for commercial singles “Wifi” and “Femme Fatale.” On the Blake Andrew-directed “Wifi” featuring Jay Blaze, Zaku stars as a tech-savvy loverboy looking for some computer love. As seen below, things go array and it’s up to the rising artist to fix the connection before his date. “Wifi” is a great turn-on to Speak Your Language.

On “Femme Fatale,” Zaku is a day-dreaming barista living out fruit-filled fantasies with his hypnotizing love interest. The song carries a catchy simplistic melody and easily recognized as a fan-favorite of the new project. Watch the Tragic Vision-directed visual below.

A brief history of Zaku as a recording artist. He is a Manila-born Filipino-American who first made his big break as a recording artist overseas in Japan and the Philippines. To perfect his craft, Zaku moved to Los Angeles when he was 19-years-old and spent 18-months studying music at Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute. While attending school, Zaku would sign with Global Sound Music Group and travel throughout Asia to find inspiration for his recently released album, Younger Yesterday. Zaku is also an actor and entrepreneur.

“Wifi” and “Femme Fatale” make the project essential for any R&B lover. And with the project’s starring tracks includes standout cuts like “Not Alone” and “Relax.” Zaku promises to release visuals for every song on the new project. All available now on Global Sound Music Group.

Now, take a listen to Zaku’s soothing new R&B vibe with Speak Your Language.