Pop-rockers Band of Silver are a sibling trio straight out of Nashville, Tennessee — but they don’t fit that typical country mold that frequently comes out of the city.

For Band of Silver, they focus on crafting addictive and arena-ready songs that will oftentimes blur the lines between modern pop-rock and the throwback sounds of 80’s new-wave. It’s a sound that many bands right now are chasing, but not many will execute it in the way that Band of Silver is doing.

The up-and-coming three-piece have already built a reputation as being an explosive and electrifying live band, and hope to only continue to build upon that when it’s safe to do so. In the meantime, Band of Silver is excited to be releasing new music that showcases the work they’ve done to grow and evolve as artists. They previously traveled out to Los Angeles to work with produce Mike Green (All Time Low, Paramore) and wound up creating a bold, electric sound that is entirely their own.

Today, Band of Silver have revealed a new single from those sessions, titled “Undertow,” which the band themselves describe as “the darkest song” from the project. Further explaining the song, they say, “The song is about getting involved in a situation that on the surface seems like a good idea, but unexpectedly becomes a major source of stress.  Whether it’s a relationship turned toxic, a job or opportunity that is not as glamorous as it seemed, or a good deed that only generates bad karma, there are many currents in life that can pull you under.  The one I wrote the song about was a blend of all of the above.”

Listen to “Undertow” for yourself below.