Things change. Bands change. Sometimes for the worse and sometimes in an even worse capacity. That’s the worst. As an antonym to the word “ugh,” As It Is changed for the much much much much better fairly recently (in my 100% percent subjective opinion). Here’s 7 reasons with three words explaining why:

  1. Ron Ish. – No explanation necessary.
  2. The Great Depression – Insane musical progression.
  3. Live show – Passion. Energy. Cohesion.
  4. This band cares about its fans (and people that aren’t even its fans). – It’s fucking true.
  5. Lyrical depth – See answer #4.
  6. Nice people – Sincere quality gentlemen.
  7. Ron Ish – I had to.

That’s it. If you’ve slept on As It Is, wake the fuck up.