Fast-rising Virginia rock act Pale Blue Dot is building excitement for their upcoming album with yet another stunning single.

Conformity is the death of art and the life-force of capitalism. The artists who take the world by storm do so through risk, but their success ushers in a seemingly endless wave of copycats who ignore those risks in preference of sameness. The predictability of their output may not be artistically compelling, but it is marketable, and for many musicians, that’s enough to warrant more of the same.

Pale Blue Dot feels differently, and that’s a good thing. The Virginia-based rock band subverts expectations at every turn while continuously delivering catchy, memorable songs that stick to listeners’ bones like butter to popcorn. Their music is expansive and immersive, welcoming those who are seeking originality with open arms and big smiles. It’s an exercise in what rock and roll can be rather than a sequel to everything it is, and it’s through the band’s willingness to take chances that the group sets themselves apart.

With their new album due out in early September, Pale Blue Dot is partnering with Substream to premiere “…For You,” another instant classic for fans and newcomers alike. Check it out:

Finding a sonic bed somewhere between the feeling of summer and the intangible longing to hold onto things we can never grasp, “…For You” is a love song for self-preservation in the face of difficult decisions, an anthem for those who take steps to save themselves from trauma and dire situations. It’s the kind of groove-heavy track you sink into ever so slowly, allowing yourself to be engulfed in the swirling guitars and driving drums as vocalist Tony LaRocco lulls you away from the nightmares of reality. “…For You” is, in many ways, a dream you never want to leave.

Speaking of the song, LaRocco says:

“It’s about escaping, getting out of a bad relationship by finding the power to let it go. To move on can be extremely hard, especially in toxic relationships, but the end result is a better life and room for new positive relationships.”

Fans of the “…For You” can expect similarly magnetic material on Pale Blue Dot’s new album. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species will be available everywhere beginning Friday, September 4.