As the July 31st release date approaches for their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Sex, Death, & the Infinite Void, Creeper have shared a new song, “Poisoned Heart,” a final taste of what fans can expect from their new album.

As demonstrated by the eclectic nature of their recent singles, Creeper deliver a fresh and unexpected twist on their sound with “Poisoned Heart.” Vocalist Will Gould shows off his surprisingly baritone voice in the first verse, before the song’s power-pop hook comes in and takes flight.

“This song was the first we had written where we’d experimented with a baritone lead vocal,” says Gould. “Inspired by Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave I attempted to sing in a way I had not before, combining this with a country sensibility we had established via a piano and acoustic guitar. Lyrically this song sits in the second act of our narrative, our protagonist is realising what it is to feel for the first time.”

Sex, Death & The Infinite Void is a concept album which loosely mirrors Gould’s life: a boy moves to new city, goes off the rails, meets new girl, falls in love and the world as they know it ends. Creeper have reshaped the joy and spirit of the band through the lens of the colorful and sentimental Americana or Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison, mixed with the theatrics that they’ve always incorporated.

Fans can further investigate the story behind the album with the new five-episode podcast series ‘The Story of… Sex, Death & The Infinite Void.’  Hosted by journalist and producer Giles Bidder, the podcast examines how Creeper battled death, tragedy and mental health issues as they fought to make a hugely ambitious statement with their second album. Bidder, Gould and guitarist Ian Miles’s previous bands often used to share bills on the underground punk and hardcore scenes before Creeper were formed.

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