Leo Lauren loves 80s new wave. Leo ranked his top ten 80s new wave records below. I am going to attempt to have a conversation with him using only songs on said albums. Wish us luck:

10. Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love

SW: Hello earth.

LL: Jig of life.

9. The Cure – The Head On The Door

SW: The baby screams.

LL: The blood.

8. Psychedelic Furs – Mirror Moves

SW: Heartbeat.

LL: Here come cowboys.

7. Echo & the Bunnymen – Echo & the Bunnymen

SW: New direction.

LL: Lips like sugar.

6. Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual

SW: I’ll kiss you.

LL: Yeah yeah.

5. Big Audio Dynamite – No. 10, Upping St.

SW: Dial a hitman.

LL: Limbo the law.

4. Roxy Music – Avalon

SW: Take a chance with me.

LL: While my heart is still beating.

3. Tears For Fears – Songs from the Big Chair

SW: Shout.

LL: Listen.

2. Orange Juice – You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever

SW: Falling and laughing.

LL: Consolation prize.

  1. Eurythmics – In The Garden

SW: Your time will come.

LL: Take me to your heart.

So much love. So many synths.