Meet Officer.

A fast-rising London based band known for their phenomenal alternative country-meets-electro sound and breakout debut project, titled, Myriads. Today, we premiere the band’s highly-anticipated sequel, intriguingly-titled, Night Tennis.

A night-time album. Night Tennis is the coming together of two things between: first, it came from a place of Logan battling off severe anxious thoughts during long stretches of insomnia, repetitively awake in the watches of the night whilst intermittently watching old footage of Robert Rauschenberg’s performance artwork in 1966 called, “Open Score”. The album doesn’t just deal with abstract concepts though. As Dc explained to me “It confesses and processes the past few years of my life where I have become a father and have found myself both literally and psychologically vanishing from those I love most in a torrid struggle with and for my sense of wellbeing. But it tries to use this experience not just to return to reality as it is, but to construct a new reality, maybe even a new me I wish to be.”

Logan of Officer on making Night Tennis:

“If I’m honest Night Tennis came out of a difficult place where I was experiencing a lot of internal struggle and breakdown, like some kind of severe deconstruction was happening to me whether I liked it or not. The name itself comes from being awake through the watches of the night, a bit overwhelmed with anxious thoughts and traumas and attempting to take that weakness and vulnerability and turn it into something positive, hopeful and therefore beautiful. It was an attempt to take the darkness I was experiencing and play with it until it somehow turned into light. It has this kind of spiritual theme to it of the four watches of the night and those being represented lyrically throughout the album with four-word lyrical turns. So yeah… using whatever the elements of my mental and emotional battle were to play a metaphorical game of tennis and so turning it all into something rebelliously playful and using that fun element to defeat it and maneuver myself into a place where a little bit of the light of hope would return to this place I found myself in. So actually, one of the results is that throughout the album, especially if you listen to it as a whole in one sitting, there are a bunch of little messages and thoughts hidden in sounds and patterns of play. I recommend listening to this album at night, either whilst driving or just sitting in your favorite chair with a glass of your favorite drink. It’s a kind, gracious and loving companion to take a night journey with.”

Lastly, Night Tennis is very much a more air album and there is a skyward thrust towards an open crystal clear night sky running through it – that’s how I seem them in terms of imagery. Following the listen, follow Officer on Twitter and Facebook for daily updates and more.

Stream the new album below, courtesy Soundcloud.