Well-known model/actress Melanie Iglesias is ready to extend her portfolio, adding a life-long dream of a singer to her rep as we receive the release of her new single, titled, “L Is A B”.

Melanie takes us behind the glitz and glamour on her new single. “Life is a bitch, love is a game, sometimes people change when they get some fame,” she says in the song. On the song, Melanie Iglesias sings about the darker side of being famous, including depression, back-stabbing and unforgiving ruthlessness celebrities must endure daily.

Bouncing back from a vocal nodules battle, Melanie Iglesias delivers a phenomenal vocal performance on “L Is A B”. Diving deep into her emotions and exhibiting anger, pain, relief and much more in every note, she convinces us that she isn’t just another gimmick but the real deal. Her best work yet, we witness the real Melanie Iglesias in this catchy pop and R&B infusion that is destined to skyrocket to the top of the charts in no time.

Now, models-turned-singers succession is very common in today’s music. In the last decade alone, we’ve seen the rise of Mike Scocozza, Milla Jovovich and Cara Delevinge.

From Brooklyn, New York, Melanie Iglesias is best known for her modeling career. Her resume includes gracing the covers of established men’s publications Maxim and Esquire. Many may be most familiar with Iglesias as a star on the popular MTV series Guy Code and Girl Code. A one time Vibe’s “30 sexiest celebrities under 30,” Melanie accumulated over 50 million views on her viral YouTube series, “The Melanie Iglesias Flip Book”.

Venturing into music two years ago. Before “L Is A B,” Melanie Iglesias released two previous efforts in 2018’s “Tell’em” and 2019’s “Obvious”. As the lead single, her new song sets up an anticipated debut album scheduled for a 2020 release.

Throughout January, Iglesias has been on the campaign trail, performing across the nation on the “We’re Just Girls Tour” with Charlee Remitz and Sara Phillips. Closing out the month with stops in Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. For tickets, visit the official Melanie Iglesias website.

Available now via own imprint. Afterward, continue to follow Melanie Iglesias’s musical journey on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates and more.

Feel free to stream “L Is A B” below, courtesy of Spotify.

Watch the track’s lyric video below.