Hi. This shit is self explanatory. Or it should be.

Please read now:

1. Sending a song link to someone in a position of “power” without any context or sincere intro

You have one chance to make a first impression.

2. Posting a tweet or status without proof reading it –

If you’re not careful, why would anyone want to work with or for you?

3. Making an announcement (in hyper official announcement form) that really isn’t an announcement –

It likely annoys you when others do this, why contribute to the noise?

4. Posting an unfinished demo online –

I encourage sharing ideas behind the scenes, but publicly it doesn’t make sense if you’re attempting a career in this industry.

5. Asking for advice and immediately angrily critiquing said advice –

(Shaking my head)

6. Yelling at another human (not in a rock and roll show context) –

The recipient will likely just be angry and not heed the words… Plus, it’s a dick move.

7. Putting the proverbial cart before the proverbial horse –


8. Not reading this –

Enough said 😉

Shalom. Be kind.