Meet Da Image.

Clever new Southern talent with a powerful message for today’s most serious health topics. Today, the rising star takes a trip to the West Coast to face his demons on the new video for the latest single, “Remember Me”.

Directed by the talented Peter Noel, Da Image allows the coast waves to wash away his past and embark on a bright future built on love. Proving that support from loved ones and fans can get you through all the hurt both past and present. The introduction will make the new star an unforgettable new talent.

Da Image is a Miami-native known for his charisma, high energy and impressive wordplay. Known for his collaboration with several Florida hitmakers, Da Image arrives with a tremendous amount of potential and promise to be the next big thing in the Dirty South. Backed by the Sunshine, Da Image is prepared to make a huge impact in 2020 with a string of new music coming immediately.

“Remember Me” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Watch it now.