With a band Like Two Door Cinema Club, who has been well known for nearly a decade, their show could have gone one of two ways: It could have been slow, predictable, and catered toward fan favorites in an eager way to keep their listeners loyal. The other option possible was a new twist on old favorites while taking risks that engage both new and devoted audiences. Luckily for this tour, we got the latter!

An epic turnout at the Riviera Theater in Chicago (despite air conditioning problems) made for an energetic evening as the crowd cheered through The Overcoats in anticipation. A half-hexagon of LED panels toward the back of the stage allowed for a multitude of lighting, from fun repeated imagery to optical illusions that went in time with the music. Each song they sung was able to have a different energy to it because of the smart illuminations behind the band.

Alex Trimble, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Two Door Cinema Club, brought a dynamic performance that kept the entire theater present. His lively dance moves across the stage kept everyone guessing at what was going to happen next, an aspect of a live performance that makes it all the more worth while to attend. Overall the show was too good to miss, whether onlookers were “taking it for the ‘gram” or just there to enjoy the music.