There’s a lot you can do to be a good person on a day-to-day basis. You can donate your time and effort to a local charity. You can participate in any number of outreach programs to help those in need. It can even be as simple as keeping a smile on your face and maintaining a positive attitude. Just that little bit of light can inspire those around you. That’s an idea that LA trio WILD (Lauren Luiz, Zach DeGaetano, and Tyler Thompson) have latched onto with their new track “I Believe In Us.” Substream is thrilled to help spread that light with the premiere of the track this morning.

As you may have guessed, “I Believe In Us” is quite an uplifting track. The dual guitars of Thompson and DeGaetano give the song a bright, sunny base, and Thompson adds in some seriously catchy production on top of that. Luiz begins by singing about the pressures and hardships of everyday life, but quickly spins it in a positive light towards the progress we can make and the faith we can build in those around us to build something better. The chorus, which features excellent harmonies from all three members, is an affirmation from WILD that we can indeed overcome and grow. The message on its own is powerful, and the moment when the music drops out and the three sing on their own will give listeners chills. “I Believe in Us” is truly the breath of levity and light that we can all use to get us through the week.

The band explained the message behind the track, saying:

“‘I Believe In Us’ was written with two members of The Mowgli’s after a conversation about how the generation behind us is so impressive, very wise and progressive. We have so much anxiety about where the world is heading but we also have so much hope for the people growing up right now. We feel like in casual conversation we’re constantly putting down the generation before or after us, but the truth is we’re all making the same mistakes and going through the same trials over and over again; just in new ways. If we could break down our generational walls that we put up we could progress even further. This song is a “call to arms”, so to speak, confronting us to stop being controlled by fear and judgement and just believe in all of us!”

You can listen to WILD’s new track “I Believe In Us” below. The trio are currently on tour with The National Parks, and a list of dates can be found on their website.