Bea Miller has made our Friday with another catchy and introspective song!

Miller shared her latest single featuring the UK’s Snakehips, “Never Gonna Like You.” The track, much like previous releases from Miller’s music catalogue, showcases the singer’s powerful vocal range with electro-pop backings.

In addition to dropping the track, the singer also released a music video for the song that was directed by Emmet Kilmer and co-directed by Bea herself.

Of the song and music video, Miller revealed:

“This song is about one person, but I wanted to make the video about everyone. I think we all go through phases of believing that if the rest of the world could see who we really are, they wouldn’t like us. We compare our own lives to others but forget that when we do that we’re only seeing a small portion, not necessarily who someone really is and what they are going through.”

You can listen to Bea Miller’s latest single, “Never Gonna Like You” below!

“Never Gonna Like You” is now available to stream on all major music platforms. You can pick up your copy of the latest track by going here!