Back on May 4th, 1999 Smash Mouth released “All Star” as a single, proving to the world that they weren’t just a one-hit wonder after “Walkin’ on the Sun” catapulted the band to the top of the charts in 1997. Since that day, Smash Mouth have gone on to have an impressive, long career that many of their years from the 90’s cannot rival. Also, if you haven’t noticed lately: they’re really, really, good at Twitter.

To celebrate this milestone, Smash Mouth have done something that the world didn’t know that it needed, but it something that we should all be eternally grateful for. The band teamed up with Breathe Carolina to commission the first, official remix to their smash(mouth) hit, “All Star.”

“Over the years, it seems like hundreds of remixes of ‘All Star’ have emerged, and we as a band are flattered and grateful for the love and attention,” says Smash Mouth. “We have not commissioned an ‘official’ remix to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our hit ‘All Star’… until now. We are very excited to have such a great artist like Breathe Carolina create this very fresh and inspiring official remix for us. We are big fans of this duo and absolutely love their take on our biggest hit. Please take a listen as we know you will love it, too.”

“‘All Star’ was a huge part of our early lives; it was such a big song when we were growing up,” said Breathe Carolina. “To think that we got to take it and give it a modern twist is so crazy!”

Listen to the remix for yourself below.