Do you remember your first sip of Vanilla Coke? The marriage of Coke’s signature bite and the touch of sweetness that came from the addition of vanilla made for something so perfect and so pure that it just made sense. Albany, NY’s Millington are looking to recreate that synergy with their marriage of ska and pop-punk. The genres have flirted with each other before with bits of influence shining through here and there, but there’s something about the way Millington has approached this merger that feels like the real “ah-ha!” moment.

I’m excited to share the music video for their brand new single “University” with y’all today. The track is the latest in a handful of standalone singles from Millington that have been released in the wake of their incredible self-titled EP, but this is easily the strongest effort from the guys to date. Lyrically, the track is packed with plenty of bite. Cody [Okonski, vocals/bass] pulls no punches with his songwriting, but there’s no denying that pop-song hook or the way it’s elevated by those sweet, brassy horns. “University” perfectly blends their ska and pop-punk influences and I’m willing to bet that after one listen you’ll catch yourself singing “Woah, oh, like a ghost, you only feel me when you’re all alone.”

The music video, directed by Nick Cavin of Young Culture, sees the band playing in an empty house. They’re nothing more than ghosts trapped in the memory of what used to be, forced to relive every painstaking moment of heartbreak. You can watch the story unfold, and fall in love with your new favorite band, above.