Creature Comfort is an indie-rock band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee — forming in 2012 and self-describing themselves as a “boot gaze” band. They have worked hard to make a name of themselves, and thanks to their two releases (2013’s Fox Tales and 2016’s Echoes and Relics EP), is something that they have done.

Creature Comfort is lead by guitarist/vocalist Jessey Clark’s anthemic, heart-on-his-sleeve lyrics, soothed over by his comforting, warm vocals. Lyrically, inspiration is drawn from Clark’s modest upbringing on a rural farm, as well as his current life in Nashville as a retail pharmacist and musician by night.

Though the past few years have brought some personal turmoil and lineup changes, Creature Comfort have persevered. In addition to Clark’s lyrics, new guitarist Charlie Hickerson leads the charge with a more raw sound, with additional rounding out coming from multi-instrumentalist Alex Robinson, Cole Bearden on bass, and Taylor Cole’s drumming.

Creature Comfort is gearing up to release a new album later this year, but Substream is excited to team up with the band to release a new single called “Heartstrings.” The single was recorded, produced, and mixed by Drew Vandenberg (Faye Webster, of Montreal, Kishi Bashi) at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia. It was mastered at Helio Sound by The Helio Sequence in Portland, Oregon.

Stream “Heartstrings” below.

“I wrote ‘Heartstrings’ while staying at Navy Pier in Chicago. I’d just been through a pretty rough breakup, so I stayed at the pier for week—just writing music, drinking too much, and sleeping in too late,” the band tells Substream. “I had set out to write something about my ex moving away from Nashville, but once I finished it, I realized I’d actually written a song about my own fear of commitment.”

Creature Comfort has a few announced shows, which you can find below, with additional dates expected to be announced soon.

You can also pre-save “Heartstrings” here, as it will hit all streaming services tomorrow.

August 31 – Nashville, TN – Live on The Green Music Festival

September 26 – Nashville, TN – Musicians Corner

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