Bebe Rexha has her pick of reasons to celebrate today. She’s in the midst of touring with Jonas Brothers on their Happiness Begins Tour. On a more personal level, she’s also celebrating because today is her birthday. Not only that, but it’s a big milestone birthday: Rexha turns 30 today. She’s not just keeping the celebration for herself, either. In honor of her birthday, she’s shared the aptly titled new track “Not 20 Anymore.”

“Not 20 Anymore” isn’t just a celebration, but a reflection. Rexha remembers how she felt a decade ago, and tells the listener about how much more confident and self-assured she feels now that she’s experienced more of life and accepted herself. Produced by Monsters and Strangerz, the track is big and bold to match Rexha’s confidence, with a deliberately building swell of sound creating a triumphant feeling.

The music video for “Not 20 Anymore” is equally affecting, with a powerful performance from Rexha intercut with interviews of actual 20-year olds talking about their challenges and dreams.

You can check out Bebe Rexha’s new track “Not 20 Anymore” below.