Get excited! Maggie Lindemann has returned with a brand new music video for her track “Friends Go,” which she released last month.

The music video for the song, which features blink-182‘s, Travis Barker, is the perfect match to the single’s vibe, which has an upbeat, yet punk-sh (thanks to Barker, who is also in the video) style.

According to Lindemann, the song explores the feeling of being withdrawn from the people in your life, even though we’re in a time where technology has made it easier for people to contact one another. It’s an interesting theme, and Lindemann beautifully showcases her powerhouse vocals with the hard-hitting and consistent beats of Barker behind her.

“Friends Go” marks the start of Lindemann’s first album hype, which is slated to be released sometime this year.

You can listen to Maggie Lindemann’s song featuring Travis Barker below!


“Friends Go” is now available to stream and purchase on all major music platforms. You can get your copy of it here!