Lo Lo has been having a good 2019. Earlier this spring she released Sweater Collection, the culmination of the Toronto pop artist’s work to date. To celebrate further, she’s sharing a new version of one of her first singles. Lo Lo teamed up with producer ECSA for a gripping remix of “Yours.”

“Yours” is a melancholy pop gem to begin with, and ESCA clearly recognized that. ESCA starts relatively sparsely, letting the strings and a few echoing synths build the mood. It’s only as the song progresses that more of the production elements come in and build up. Still, this is no straight-up dance remix. While the music does get lush and full, the underlying loneliness and sadness that makes the original special is always kept in mind in the remix.

Lo Lo explained how the remix came to be, saying:

“Exactly a year after my song, ‘Yours,’ came out, I decided to hold a remix competition through Splice. Over 450 DJs and producers entered, but in the end I decided to choose ESCA’s more emotional and chilled out version. Although I originally planned on choosing a more upbeat and dance-y version of the song, hearing this version really moved me. It reminded me of the emotions I was feeling when I originally wrote the song.”

You can listen to ESCA’s remix of “Yours” below.