Following the release of her latest EP, Daniella Mason has shared a thought-provoking and dreamy new visual for her track, “Deepest Of Wells.”

“Deepest Of Wells” is taken off of the singer’s latest EP, Mental State, which was dropped on June 14. The EP marks her second EP out of a series of four that she is planning on sharing during this year.

According to a press release, the song and latest EP is taken off of a bigger series project she’s calling State Of Mind. Each album is set to tackle various parts of a human’s well-being. She’s already released Emotional State and  Mental State. Coming next for the singer is Physical State and then Spiritual State.

Of the meaning behind the music video, Mason shared in a press release:

“The aim was to create a dream sequence. It felt like the only way to make this beautifully existential feeling of wandering throughout your mind… how aimless and untethered it can feel. But this video also tells the story of inviting someone into the farthest reaches of your psyche, both dark and light, and the vulnerability of it all. When it came to the specific visuals we wanted to incorporate, I wanted to pull directly from the way I have pictured my own mind.”

You can watch Daniella Mason’s new music video for “Deepest Of Wells” below!

“Deepest of Wells” is taken off Mason’s latest EP, Mental State, which is out now. You can get your copy of it here!