Coheed and Cambria brought their headlining tour to Petco Park in downtown San Diego on a warm Wednesday evening. Surround by high rise buildings, the park filled with metal heads that were definitely not there for a baseball game.

Every Time I Die, a hardcore punk band from New York, started off the night with their heavy hitting songs. Not only are they a great band, they’re also extremely fun and energetic, making photographing them a lot of fun!

Next up was Mastodon, who I covered last month at Epicenter, and was happy to do it again. This Atlanta band does not disappoint. As smoke covered the stage they stimulated the crowd with heavy guitars and got them even more pumped for what was to come up next.

As the sun went down the crowd started to chant “COHEED! COHEED! COHEED!” in anticipation for the headliner. Lights flicker and the stage went dark and out came the New York based progressive rock band, Coheed and Cambria! Their energy was contagious and Claudio’s hair was magnificent. The crowd was into it, singing every word along with the band.

Every Time I Die:


Coheed & Cambria: