Sony/Epic Oslo recording artist Mike Vallas has been riding a wave these past few months with his infectious new flavor of music and buzzing new single, “Signing For Days”. Featuring the amazing Sarah Hesch, the Austria-native is easily becoming one of the hottest new acts in 2019’s red-hot Summer Dance/Electronic scene. We catch up with Mike Vallas for a quick one-on-one, where we discuss his new music, collaborations, and what more he has in store for 2019. Read the complete interview below.

[Substream]: “Singing For Days” really hits the spot, how did the song come about?

[Mike Vallas]: I had the idea for the chorus in the back of my head for a while but I never started the production. Then I found out that one of my best childhood friends, Sandra Hesch, is a pretty good singer when my mom showed me a voice memo that she got from Sandra’s mom. I invited her over, showed her the chorus idea and we immediately started vibing.


Do you prefer to make tracks on your own or with a collaborator?

Usually it‘s best for me to just be alone in a room and write/produce. If there‘s another person there I always feel like I have to keep them entertained and that can be stressful but sometimes it‘s really nice to get input from other artists for a change.

Would you consider yourself tech-savvy?

I‘m not a computer geek but I sure as hell know my way around things when it comes to music production.

What have your favorite shows been to play thus far?

So far I haven‘t done any shows. As my music moving away from the EDM genre I‘m not really the right artist to start DJing. I guess I could see myself performing with a mic instead of a DJ-set when the time is right.

Have you had success with sync and what would be tips for others trying to get into it?

I don‘t think I‘ve had any of my songs on tv but I saw a lot of cool montages and compilations on youtube that used my music so far. Also, I heard that some radio channels played a few of my songs in Norway and some other countries. The ultimate goal would be to hear my music on Austrian Radio (Austria is my home country). That would be sick!

My tip for others would be to send their stuff to smaller radios that support local artists. Maybe you‘re lucky and one of your songs gets picked up!

What’s the plan for the rest of 2019?

My plan for 2019 is to work really hard on both the production- and the business side of music but also to know when I need time off. Being in the music industry can be extremely stressful and exhausting so you always have to remember why you are doing it.

And for you that is…?

Fun. If that‘s not the case anymore it‘s not worth putting all this energy into something that doesn‘t make you happy.

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