Surprises is the new project from Brooks Paschal, who fronted the early-00s emo outfit Sullivan. This new track takes an emo-based sound and maneuvers it into pop-rock/power-pop gold.

First premiering at Atwood, “Natural Disaster” is the first single off of a new Surprises full-length of the same name, slated for release on May 31st via Spartan Records. Today, Substream is so excited to bring you the song’s music video, and since Paschal has such a lovable face, I’m sure you’ll find this video exciting.

Paschal told Atwood last week, “I have always written in this overly cryptic, sometimes impossible to understand way, so this was bold and direct while being extremely liberating for me.”

On the video, Paschal tells Substream:

Shooting a music video myself was not in the plans, but I had a scheduling conflict with the guy that was gonna shoot the video for this song and I just sat on it for a while. I had a week open in my schedule and the gears started turning. I took a stab at making a video for another song called “Tell The World” and that kinda got me going. Two days later I shot a video for another song and by the time I got to “Natural Disaster” I was ready to try some crazy shit. The idea popped in my head and I went to attic to find some old TVs. The challenge with the video was that I knew that I couldn’t sync four TVs at once. So I shot them individually, then used a 3 dollar phone app to splice the 4 shots together. It looked amazing, but the app wouldn’t render HD so I had a good buddy of mine (Wes Marvin) splice it on real editing software. That was really the 4 shots I had to work with. While I was editing it, I tried to make my limitations the thing that made it clever, so I decided to use the big text for the choruses. I figured those were good words to smack you in the face with.

Pre-orders for Natural Disaster are available now. Watch the clip below.