New York’s Hip Hop is known for its diversity, iconic prowess, and confident rhymes. However, among the eight million stories out here in the naked includes plenty of double-crossing stories and that is what is presented today by up-and-coming recording artist The Don Kap. Today, the Israeli-bred recording artist addresses the frauds among the world in the new anthem, titled, “Cannot Listen (Fake Friends Diss)”.

On “Cannot Listen”, a personal song was written immediately after The Don rid himself of someone who had been his best friend for 25 years. The friend had been jealous, selfish, and constantly tried to one-up him. The Don decided, enough is enough – and pulled the plug on the friendship. It’s sad that this track has had to come out of such a painful experience, but in any case, it’s an awesome song.

The backstory on The Don Kap. Also a filmmaker, Don Kap began his journey as a rapper at the age of 14, The Don stayed creative and eventually went on to earn a Masters degree in film. He has a movie coming to theaters this summer titled, Sex and the Future.

Watch “Cannot Listen (Fake Friends Diss)” by The Don Kap