If you’ve ever been to an Echosmith show, you know that they’re a lot of fun. While they don’t always dive deep, every song is a different take on shimmery indie-pop (some retro, some more futuristic) that’s so catchy, it’s hard not to sing along.

The members of Echosmith are all siblings, and despite the departure of guitarist and eldest brother Jamie Sierota late last year, their live show hasn’t missed a beat. Lead vocalist Sydney, bassist Noah, and drummer Graham maintain the positivity and harmony on stage that they’ve had since the start.

On Day 2 of the recent Billboard Hot 100 Festival in Wantagh, New York, Echosmith were the second act to perform on the Hot 100 Stage. They opened their set with “Get Into My Car”, a brand new song from their upcoming second album Inside a Dream. With a slower feel, it was an odd choice to begin with, but tracks from their 2013 debut Talking Dreams saw a much more enthusiastic response. “Come Together” was a request for everyone to work together towards a better world, and “Bright” was an optimistic love song. In a time where there’s so much negativity in the world, a band like Echosmith is very much needed.

Echosmith will be going on tour with support from BANNERS this fall, and you can see a full list of the shows here. For the latest updates on Inside a Dream, head over to the band’s official website.