Cabana Wear released their debut, self-titled album this past Friday, March 15th.  Focused around a 90’s punk sound, the album has the nostalgic take on music that you don’t hear often anymore.

“Get Well” begins the album with a track about remembering their childhood while surrounded with strong instrumentals. Transitioning into “Scaredy Horse”, the band focuses on the story of adulthood. Both songs give the listener something to hold onto as they progress the story through lyrics.

Jumping to “Green”, the harmonies stand out in the chorus. This song seemed to go back to the softer punk sound on the album.  “St Napster” follows in the same type of softer punk sound with a repetitive chorus. A personal favorite is “Least Comfortable” as the band discusses realizations on life just like in “Tommy” wondering why a dear friend parted ways.

“Brewers and Connie’s” and “Summer” have lighter tones right before the album comes to a close. The album ends strong just as it began with “Where I Am” as the band processes the next steps in their lives reflecting on memories and the paths that took them to where they are today.

From start to finish, the songs have a similar story line of adulthood and the changes as you grow older. The sound can be easily compared to a younger Blink 182 type of 90’s alternative which is likely to be a hit with those looking for tracks to bring back their memories from younger years.

Listen to the first single “Bother You” below: