Telling someone how you feel can conjure up a lot of emotions. It’s nerve-wracking, of course. You’re about to reveal your deepest feelings, it’s only natural to worry a little. It can also be a relief to get everything out in the open if you’ve been holding those thoughts in for a long time. More than anything, it’s exciting. It’s thrilling to finally be able to say what you’ve always wanted to say to a person. Toronto pop artist Natalie Lynn is saying what she wants to today. She’s sharing this in the form of new single “One,” and we’re happy to give her the platform to say it with our premiere of the track this morning.

Both the song itself and the music video can barely contain the thrill that Lynn is feeling. As she builds up the courage for the big reveal to the subject of her feelings, the guitars swell in the background. Even as more musical layers are added, “One” never loses the smoothness and melodic joy that makes for a great pop ballad. The video is vibrant and fast paced, with a cool color scheme that’s entrancing to look at. The handwritten look of the lyrics in the video grounds the song, reminding us of the personal nature of “One.”

Lynn wants the excitement to come through to listeners. She says “The whole vibe of the song from start to finish to me is like that feeling when you’re at the top of a roller coaster. Not the part when you actually start falling down, just before that. Pure excitement and vulnerability, feeling like you might just be on the top of the world.”

Watch the lyric video for “One” below. You can see more from Natalie Lynn through Twitter and Instagram.