Most of us have heard of the sunk cost fallacy. As a refresher, this is when we’ve put a combination of time, resources, energy into something to the point where we don’t want to let it go. Even if this thing is doomed to fail or doesn’t bring us happiness anymore, we’ve dedicated so much to it we don’t want to move on. Coming to the realization it’s really for the best to let it end, the realization can be tough. This applies to a relationship, too. Coming to terms with a failing love is never easy. Pop singer LeyeT (pronounced “light”) has grappled with those feelings, and it’s the subject of her new track “Work It Out.” We have the premiere here on Substream a day before “Work It Out” is officially released as part of LeyeT’s new EP thoughts.

“Work It Out” is one of the most mournful pop bangers you’re ever going to hear. The synths echo over the strings in a shimmering, breathtaking display. LeyeT is still sorting through the revelation in the lyrics, struggling to reconcile her feelings with the truth of the situation. “One, I love you. Two, I still do. Three, it’s hurting me” she sings on the pre-chorus, and your heart breaks along with her. The chorus is bold and in your face, siren-like production stretching on and on, but with a decided sadness in the sound. Small touches throughout give “Work It Out” that extra push into greatness, like the electronic influence creeping into LeyeT’s voice as she steels her heart for what comes next.

All of this was a way for LeyeT to get more in tune with herself. She says:

“For me, ‘thoughts’ is a return to resolute self-identity. Songwriting has always been my means of making sense of experiences and emotions – it’s the process that helps me uncover my own truths to better see them for what they are. In writing this collection of songs, I found the most authentic version of myself. ‘Work It Out’ in particular is about two different experiences I’ve had that shared a commonality and thus, melded into one. In essence, it’s realizing the bitter truth that a relationship isn’t meant to work out no matter how perfect it may have seemed to be. It’s me declaring an end while trying to grasp on to the notion that in doing so it is as the saying goes…’all for the best.’”

You can stream “Work It Out” below. Be sure to check out thoughts when the full EP drops tomorrow.