There’s no delicate way to say this: some people just talk way too much shit. Whether they’re gloating during a casual pickup game of basketball, bragging loudly at their place of work, or spreading even the tiniest bit of gossip as far and wide as they can. Listening to that is never a fun time, and at times there’s nothing in the world we want to do more than tell them off. The situations where we can get away with doing that are often slim, so we have to turn that energy elsewhere. Lenny Bull is sick of these people too, and she’s taking it out by creating the groovy, fun new track “Don’t Talk About It.” Take a deep breath and get ready to vent, because we have the premiere of “Don’t Talk About It” and its music video right here.

Listening to people gloat isn’t fun, but “Don’t Talk About It” more than makes up for that. Bull’s guitar chords are fuzzy and warm, with a few little runs that pop up at particularly opportune times in the track. The barely hidden exasperation in her voice is instantly relatable as she has to deal with all these people mouthing off. While “Don’t Talk About It” is about putting a loudmouth in their place, it never ranges into anything with a mean spirit, instead staying playful. It’s a good balance, and it serves the message of the song well.

The music video for “Don’t Talk About It” is a great time as well. Bull goes to the office and has to deal with problem after problem (after a healthy pour from her flask into her coffee). The looks on her face are absolutely priceless. Whether she’s knocking everything off her desk or taking a nap on her keyboard, she embodies what all of us have felt at one point or another. There’s also footage of Bull and her band playing the track, and you can tell they thrive in a performance environment.

Bull let us see behind the scenes on the creation of “Don’t Talk About It.” She says

“This song is about when someone’s talking trash and you’ve had enough of that. A tongue in cheek message to anyone spreading rumours out there and a reminder to not be bothered by what people say or think. The verses are more contemplative; in the form of passing thoughts, or stream of consciousness while the chorus comes to a stern confrontation. Putting it together in the studio was really entertaining. The band recorded live off the floor, and we overdubbed vocals and percussion. You can catch some serious cowbell in the bridge, courtesy of our producer Aaron Goldstein (Baldwin Street Sound). We also went through a bunch of old telephone dispatcher recordings to get dial tones and ringing sounds.”

You can both stream the audio for “Don’t Talk About It” and watch the music video for the track below.